coming home

Photographs that Explore The Complexity Of Place And Belonging

Where is home? Is it the place you live in, or the place that you left behind? For Tina, this question has a multiplicitous and possibly unknowable answer. Since moving to Croatia from South Africa in 2019, she has been plagued by the complexity of this dynamic. As the title of her series intimates, even after visiting Croatia for 25 years, and living there for 3 years, Croatia seems temporary - but does that mean it is not home? The ordinariness of the scenes that populate the series belies the tenderness of Tina’s gaze upon them. Such emotion feels evident in her use of light, warm and luxurious, as it cuts across the frame. It is apparent in the naturalness of each image and in her portraits; moody yet gentle. In her statement about the purpose of the project, Tina explains that ultimately, it is a way of “processing her own sense of not belonging where she lives”.

In her ongoing project ‘Coming Home’, South African-born, Croatian-based photographer Tina Tudoric-Ghemo documents the relationship between place and belonging. Her passion for photography and deep insight into human needs fuels her desire to create images that offer a unique experience of the natural world. She frequently places herself in the landscape using her body as a feature of the environment to create a distinctive narrative. On a broader level her images challenge contemporary ideas around identity, place and the human condition. 

Tina's photographic interests extend to environmental portraiture, landscape and still life photography. She spends much of her time travelling and photographing Croatia's beautiful landscapes while further articulating her creative vision.

Tina will also be completing her MFA Photography at the Academy of Art, San Francisco in 2022.

What are you doing?’ they asked.
        ‘Exploring new possibilities’, I answered.