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shifting landscapes


In 2019 my desire for new experiences and my love of the landscape and nature led me to Namibia to capture some of the highest and oldest sand dunes in the world.

During this trip, I also had the opportunity to capture the dead camel-thorn trees in the white clay pan called Dead Vlei. The clay pan was formed after the Tsauchab River flooded creating temporary shallow pools of water where the trees could grow. When the climate changed, drought hit the area, the dunes encroached on the pan and the trees died. The remaining skeletons are believed to be between 600-700 years old. In 2020, a year after I had visited the pans, floods hit the area again, altering the landscape once more.


This journey culminated in my series called Shifting Landscapes. The images are an attestation to the history of the landscape prior to the 2020 floods. While these vast areas appear to be mere wastelands, each image is in fact an encounter with the beauty of a landscape in crisis, speaking about the relationship between creation and desolation through the lens of time and change.

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